Sponsor Spotlight: Aisle Planner


Have you ever made a client checklist, balanced a budget, compiled design inspiration for one client just to do it completely different for another? While diversifying your process can be beneficial, it can also be redundant, inefficient and leave plenty room for errors.

Luckily, the brilliant minds in our industry saw a need in the market and provided a solution. Last year the Calluna Events team signed on with Aisle Planner, Love Well Planned’s latest sponsor, and we’re NEVER LOOKING BACK. Our team’s productivity, collaboration and project management abilities have soared and we’ve never been so giddy about a software system. This is the definition of a must-have-tool that makes a difference, and we cannot wait to lift the curtain and share how it’s transformed our workflow with all of you. Created by wedding professionals FOR wedding professionals (ding ding ding!! Sign of a great product), Aisle Planner is a CRM portal that covers end-to-end client management and planning. and delivers a seamless journey where event pros can promote their unique services and products, connect with leads, book new clients, and collaborate with team members, vendor partners and their clients on every detail of their events and projects, all in one place. From checklists and timelines to guest lists and layouts, Aisle Planner gives you the most complete and powerful set of tools to not only streamline your workflow but manage every detail along the way.

In a world where there aren’t enough hours in the day and presentation is everything, take it from us that investing in a tool like this is one of the best business decisions you can make. Heather Dwight from Calluna Events will be speaking on both days on how Aisle Planner has transformed the client workflow into a seamless, cohesive, *consistently branded* tool for our team of nine wedding planners.

As a Love Well Planned participant, you’ll get 25% off the first three months of an Aisle Planner membership (and that’s on top of your 30 day complimentary trial). You literally have nothing to lose by giving this a go!

Melanie Robertz