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Love what you do for the sake of love.

Are you an aspiring wedding creative wanting to grow your business? Or maybe a few years in, wanting to take your business to the next level? Welcome to Love Well Planned, a 2-day invigorating and immersive workshop for wedding planners and creatives who are interested in elevating their business education. Whether you are a couple years in or looking to grow your company, even scale up, Love Well Planned is just what you are looking for. Join us for in-depth, full-day sessions with other like-minded creatives in a fun, open, community-based environment.

Running a business for the long haul takes dedication. You could compare it to perfecting your yoga practice or training for a marathon. It takes practice. It requires repetition. And most of all, you can’t do it without patience and deep breathing.

What is your WHY?

As a small business owner and founder of Calluna Events, it was Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk “Start with Why” that inspired me and defined why I do what I do. If you are in business and you haven’t yet asked yourself why you do what you do, we will help you discover your why. We will also guide you in setting  intentions for your business. This foundational work will not only help you in the next month, but in the next year, the next five years, and beyond!

Love Well Planned will help you…

  • Establish your why

  • Determine a clear business intention

  • Re-set your mission in motion

  • Help you attract your ideal client

  • Improve your sales and pricing process and look at how you are making money

  • Walk in with wonder and leave with core values to build upon and your ideal client distinctly defined

Day 1-LoveWellPlannedWorkshop.jpg
  • Wedding Planner 101 - Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

  • Service vs. Hospitality - Going The Extra Mile

  • Pricing, Sales and Services - Booking a Client + Contracts

  • Timeline Generation - Using Aisle Planner

  • Setting a Budget

  • Who is your Ideal Client

  • Working with Vendors

  • The Design Process - Boards to Mock Ups

  • Stories + Lessons Learned

  • Communication - Setting Client Expectations

  • How to Run a Rehearsal

  • Growing your Team

  • Styled Shoots  

  • Wedding Planner Style

  • How To’s

  • Emergency Kit

  • Design Demo - Styling a Table

  • Head Shots

We will focus on the essential elements of a successful wedding planner, including how to start a wedding planning business and how to differentiate yourself from the masses. We’ll delve into Business 101, contacts, accounting, hospitality vs. service, designing a wedding, pricing, vendor relations, budgeting, and financials. We’ll discuss how to expand your team and all the essentials of planning a wedding, right down to how to designing a table, making and pinning a boutonnière on the fly, cutting a wedding cake, and running a rehearsal. If you are a beginner or even have a couple years of experience, this day is terrific for learning the basics, or brushing up on tips and tricks you didn’t even know you needed. Day 1 is good for beginning wedding planners, planners who work under a company, or experienced planners who need to refresh and rekindle their skills and education.

Skylight - Denver, Colorado // 9am-8pm

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, a lot of coffee, and more included.

Day 2-LoveWellPlannedWorkshop.jpg
  •  Business Branding

  •  Defining your Why

  •  Identifying your Ideal Client

  •  Pricing and Sales

  •  Growing your Team

  •  Advertising, Marketing, and Social Media

  •  Website, Social Media, and Brand Image

  •  How to Get Published

  •  Vendor Panels

  •  Layflat Demo

  •  Styled Shoots


This workshop day is dedicated to wedding planners and wedding creatives, whether you have an event venue, are a florist, design wedding stationery, or work behind the camera. We’ll explore your personal brand and how the world sees you. We’ll talk about how to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other businesses out there. We’ll dive into social media (beyond the 101 basics), including how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Instagram, Facebook, and blogging. This day is about defining you and defining your business. You’ll leave knowing what, and who as a client, is right for you. Day 2 is terrific for newer, emerging, or growing wedding creatives intent on setting or re-establishing business objectives. It’s about putting purpose behind your passion, with a clear process outlined and profit in mind. 

Skylight - Denver, Colorado // 9am-8pm

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, happy hour, a lot of coffee, and more included.

Set your mission in motion. 

Whether you do one day or both days, you will leave our workshop with attainable strategies and an active to-do list. From how to’s to discussion panels to networking opportunities, we will take away confusion surrounding the wedding industry and you will walk away with greater clarity. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Curious to learn more? We welcome you, our fellow wedding planners and wedding industry creatives to be the first to know about everything happening here at Love Well Planned. Sign up to receive upcoming workshop details. And be prepared to be a part of Love Well Planned. Where together, we love what we do for the sake of love. 

Thank you to our wonderful Love Well Planned Partners! more coming soon.

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