I’ve been to workshops before and sometimes they are a lot of inspiration and not a lot of information - what will LWP be?

We firmly believe if you are spending money and taking time out of your day you should be learning valuable insights and takeaways you can incorporate into your business immediately. This workshop will be informational. But of course we are wedding planners so there will be a lot of inspiration as well!

Will this be more workshop style with everyone in the same room all day? Or will there be breakouts?

DAY 1 |  classroom style, educational, with some hands on and demos

DAY 2 | some classroom style, many different speakers and a panel, with some experiential/hands on

I don’t have a wedding planning business yet or I’m not currently a wedding planner, should i attend Day 1?

Yes! We believe in starting somewhere. We will give you the tools you need to figure out if you want to start your own company or work for someone else. If you’re wanting to get a business off the ground prior to attending you can always do a couple coaching sessions with our Founder, Heather Dwight, to help get you ready to jump in! 

Will you be able to accommodate dietary restrictions?

Of course! Please see the question on the registration form and indicate for us your needs.

If I purchase a ticket but then cannot come is the ticket non-refundable? What about transferable?

Tickets are not refundable, but you can have someone attend in your place. We just need to know who that person is as soon as you know.

I’d like to help out with Love Well Planned either as a volunteer or a sponsor?

Wonderful! We’d love the help! Please reach out at hello@lovewellplanned.com