Sponsor Spotlight: Jill Houser Photography


We worked with Jill for the first time last year on a Calluna Events wedding and were blown away by her talent, her keen eye and her emotive personality. We’re so excited to have her and her camera alongside as we head into our first Love Well Planned conference. Love Well Planned Day One attendees will also snag some one on one time with Jill in a complimentary headshot session so you can show the world what a boss babe you really are!


“I've had a camera since I was a child. I grew up on an island in Florida taking photos of anyone and anything that would let me. I'm kind of an odd-ball, so my original dream was to be a forensic photographer, but I realized after shadowing one that that wasn't for me. One of my college professors introduced me to his friend who was a wedding photographer. I quickly realized how much I love weddings, dropped out of college, and moved to Colorado to start my own business. I've been full-time for 4 years now and I love it! Each wedding is so different and so action packed. I love all of the emotions, the drama, the dress! ⁣

I'm a huge animal lover. I live to travel and just be anywhere outdoors. I once rode my bicycle from Jacksonville to San Francisco! When I'm not shooting a wedding, I'm in the mountains with my fiancé and our German Shepherd.”

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