Sponsor Spotlight: Sugar Mountain Catering


Our first Food Sponsor is the incredible Sugar Mountain Catering. Guests of LWP will be treated to curated custom grazing tables and delicious nutritious breakfasts. Stay tuned for some treats and sweets throughout the conference as well!


“Rooted in a passion for all things opulent and celebratory, Sugar Mountain was created to serve all of your Gatsby Party dreams. We create edible works of art that you & your guests will be talking about for years to come. Specializing in cheese boards, grazing tables & dessert tables- we promise to deliver elegant, upscale food in an approachable & creative manner.” ⁣⁣

Never heard of a grazing table? “Grazing tables are the height of casual elegance, offering bountiful options and seemingly never-ending abundance. Many a friend have been made over a grazing table, where your guests will gather to ooohhh and ahhh and question each other on what they should pair a fig with. Grazing tables foster the movement of your event, guests are free to roam and nibble and chat all they'd like instead of having to find which folding chair suits them best.”⁣

Photography | Decorus Photo

Melanie Robertz