Speaker Spotlight: Laura Murray Photography


After graduating with a degree in mathematics and spending several years working in the technology sector, Laura Murray found inspiration in photography.  She never dreamed her career would transition from data cruncher to wedding photographer.  She considers herself unbelievably lucky that she gets to document the happiest of days for her clients.  

Laura is passionate about the pursuit of being the best versions of ourselves. She believes each day we can find little ways to improve which will culminate into big changes.  She loves teaching the business side of running a creative brand, particularly about the power of goal setting, productivity tricks to get more done in less time, and marketing for the creative entrepreneur.  Her new brand Spark & Bound provides tools to creatives to achieve their wild dreams and extraordinary goals.      

Laura has traveled across the world in pursuit of photography, but she thinks there's nothing quite like home.  Laura resides with her husband and three boys in the Colorado foothills, surrounded by the natural beauty of the wild.

Laura has been named one of the top wedding photographers by Martha Stewart Weddings and her work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Brides Magazine, Once Wed, and The Knot, among others.


I am so excited and honored to be speaking at Day 2 of Love Well Planned!  I will be discussing the importance of making space for creativity & productivity.  My talk will be filled with actionable tips to maximize your efficiency in both work and personal life.

Here is my story on why I am so passionate about this topic ... this time last year I had two very sick and very preemie identical twins boys that took every ounce of energy from me.  Finally, the light emerged at the end of the tunnel, their health improved tremendously, and we got into a rhythm.  But with three small children under three years old at home I had a decision to make.  Was I going to be able to keep my career as a wedding photographer?  And the answer was unequivocally YES!  But how?  I needed to find balance.

After countless hours of research and many frustrations, I finally found a solution that has enabled me to thrive both professionally and personally. With this knowledge and framework in place, everyday is filled with what matters most to me.  And I want to share my tips and tricks with you!!  

At the end of 2018 I launched a new sub-brand to help creatives increase their productivity, #sparkandbound (www.sparkandbound.com).

At Love Well Planned I will be teaching the framework behind Spark & Bound and how you can fill your days with what matters most to achieve your wild dreams and extraordinary goals.  

Melanie Robertz