Speaker Spotlight: Rachel Havel Photography


An internationally published, award-winning wedding photographer who helps sophisticated couples capture their inspiring and unforgettable wedding story.

Her fine art aesthetic and vision for authentic + heartfelt imagery has been recognized in Harpers Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Knot and more.

She works with some of the top wedding planners in America, and has photographed the weddings of actress Aimee Carrero and actor Justin Berfield.

She was named Best Wedding Photographer in CO, and her work was featured in the Top 30 Wedding Photos of 2018 by Martha Stewart Weddings.



Day One: Vendor Collaboration Panel

Have you ever opened a wedding gallery from your couple’s photographer and felt confused and saddened by how many images seemed to be missing? Maybe you’ve wondered where the heck the photographer and your client have wandered off to when it’s time to announce them into the reception?

There are many attributes that a wedding planner possesses on the wedding day. Don’t let “miscalculating” become one of them.

In this session, you will learn how to partner with your couple’s wedding photographer, in order to heighten your client’s experience and bring their vision to life. You will delve into how to communicate, collaborate, and set proper expectations with the photographer so that they can show up and follow through, leaving you with a delighted couple, a beautiful and comprehensive wedding gallery, and having elevated brand.

Day Two: Pricing and Sales

Does the thought of having to pitch your business and services give you a knot in your stomach? Have you ever found yourself pricing your services based off of guessing or simply comparing yourself to what others might be charging?

In this session, you will learn how to turn sales into a caring word. You will be given the tools to guide your clients through your sales process in a confident, natural, and effective way. No more awkward pauses and confusion on how to lead the conversation. Watch your sales grow as you implement this new process.

Through the second portion, you’ll dive deep and grasp how to price your products and services with certainty. Walk away knowing that you’re not only making enough money to survive, but you’re charging enough for profit and reinvesting into your business. You’ll understand your bottom line, the psychology behind how clients purchase, and ultimately gain confidence the value of what you’re offering.

Melanie Robertz