Industry Insights | Love Well Planned Day Two

Day Two of Love Well Planned is for all of the wedding industry warriors –– creatives from all fields!

Whether you have an event venue, are a florist, design wedding stationery, or work behind the camera, we want you. We’ll explore your personal brand and how the world sees you. You’ll leave the day defining your why, learning how to price yourself effectively, how to identify your ideal client, tools to make your productivity soar and participate in an honest and open “what every vendor wishes you knew” roundtable discussion.

Day 2 is terrific for newer, emerging, or growing wedding creatives intent on setting or re-establishing business objectives. It’s about putting purpose behind your passion, with a clear process outlined and profit in mind. 


  • Breakfast courtesy of our sponsor Sugar Mountain Catering

  • Workshop Welcome and Defining Your Why featuring Heather Dwight

  • Rocky Mountain Bride Panel

    • Styling for Editorial and Getting Published with Chelsea Combe, Editor

    • Maximizing Media Dollars and Relationships with Hilary Angel, Director of Sales

    • Debunking Social Platforms with Laura Osborn, Online Strategy Manager

  • Lunch courtesy of our sponsor Sugar Mountain Catering

  • Social Strategy and Branding featuring Erin and Amy from The Hello Co.

    • Taking you beyond posting pretty pictures and writing witty captions, we'll dive into the deep end of social media and help you leverage your brand. Outside of your Instagram squares, we'll discuss Stories, other social networks, social proof, launching new products/services, going viral, funnels, blogs, and email marketing. Most importantly, we'll talk about how you schedule all this into your already busy business life. We believe in harnessing entrepreneurs with the tools to make it happen. And we do so with the goal of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Pricing and Selling featuring Rachel Havel

    • In this session, you will learn how to turn sales into a caring word. You will be given the tools to guide your clients through your sales process in a confident, natural, and effective way. Watch your sales grow as you implement this new process. You’ll understand your bottom line, the psychology behind how clients purchase, and ultimately gain confidence the value of what you’re offering.

  • Making Space for Creativity and Productivity featuring Laura Murray

    • In this session you’ll learn actionable tips to maximize your efficiency in both work and personal life. We’ll dive into the framework behind Spark & Bound and how you can fill your days with what matters most to achieve your wild dreams and extraordinary goals.   

  • Vendor Collaboration Panel featuring Heather Dwight, Cindy Ollig, Rachel Havel, Jill Livingston

    • With a diversified panel of seasoned creatives, we’ll get candid on collaboration, working through creative conflict, raising the bar on client expectations and how to continue to push our industry to new heights collectively.

Love Well Planned Happy Hour with bites from our Sponsor Blackbelly Catering!

Melanie Robertz